Core Values

As members of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church we strive to follow Jesus, as the Spirit and the Word transforms us and touches every facet of our life. Therefore, we are:

  • Intentional - Everything we do is purposely dedicated to sharing the good news of the Gospel.

  • Committed to Growing in Christ - Faith, for us, is a lifelong learning process. We endeavor to deepen our relationship to Christ as we work to be his disciples in this time and place.

  • Participatory - The work of the church is everyone’s task and everyone is called to be involved in our ministry.

  • Joyful - Our worship draws on the liturgical and musical traditions of the Lutheran Church and expresses the joy of our faith.

  • Personal - We support and pray for one another and respond to individual needs as they arise.

  • Committed to Serving Older Adults - We particularly value and support people in the latter stages of life and strive to give older adults an opportunity to use their time and talents to serve those less fortunate.